Owl Tattoo

Location – left or right forearm/wrist ( guessing 7-8″ )
Style – new school. See pic 1. That’s exactly what I had in mind. 

The eyes are all red but when you look at pic 2 or google “Bubo the Owl 1981 Clash of the Titans” you’ll see his pupils are red but there are lines leading to the red pupils like a pizza ) 

Additional request – I’d like him to be wearing a black knit cap ( see lizard in pic 3 ) with the infamous Wu Tang Clan logo. The W would exactly match the gold coloring of the owl 
The branch the owl is perched on is however you think it should be done. I like the one in the pic but it doesn’t need to be crazy or anything. 

Finally the background. In pic 1 there is some bluish around the owl. I don’t have a preference about that….you’re the expert so I default to what you think. The only request I have is to keep it as minimal as possible. I hate seeing beautiful work ruined but unnecessary overdone background work. 


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